Bathroom Tile work in The Villages, FL

Are you tired of the look of your cookie-cutter bathroom built in The Villages? The Villages Bathroom Remodeling is here to help you transform that basic, bathroom look into the custom bathroom you’ve been looking for.  What’s the best way to achieve that transformation? Through custom tile work.  

Custom Bathroom Tile

The Villages Bathroom Remodeling has a process that has worked time and time again to help you dream, plan and create your custom bathroom. Whether its for the master bathroom, or a hall bathroom, or just your guest half bathroom, a bathroom tile job is sure to give you a way to show off your beautiful home in The Villages!  There are several keys to achieving the look you want for your bathroom.

Porcelain Bathroom Tile

Not all tile is created equal. Porcelain tile is fabricated with set patterns. This is not all bad, in fact, the randomization of tile pattern can allow you to have a look that is unmatched! Many of the “trendy” styles in tile work use porcelain tile.  In some cases an image is printed directly onto the tile before it is “finished” and this helps many of the trendy looks we see today with tiles that look like wood planks, or bathroom tile that looks like stone. Porcelain tile is easy to work with and a little lighter weight than some of the others. 

Glass Bathroom Tile

Glass tiles create a very unique look. In most cases, glass tile is used as an accent in a tile design, but some people love the look of a complete accent wall done in glass tile, or an entire shower completed using just glass tile. Glass tile, comes with many design patterns and can have various colors mixed in.  While glass tile is a fabricated material, it is one of a kind, and you won’t find another piece of tile that looks exactly like another. This allows you endless possibilities with patterns. Glass tile also is very unique, because of its reflective qualities. While other types of tile might reflect light, due to the depth of the clear portions of your glass, it becomes highly reflective!

Natural Stone Bathroom Tile

From marble, to granite, and other types, stone bathroom tile is a very popular choice because of its “earthy” natural look. You truly don’t get a more custom look that stone tile. Stone tile can be a little more tricky to deal with, but that doesn’t make it any less of a good choice for your custom bathroom tile. Natural Stone Tile of all types can be mixed and matched to achieve a one-of-a-kind look. 

Custom Tile and Grout

When you complete a tile job, just as important for design as the tile is the grout you choose!  You can choose so many shades to offset your tile it can be a little overwhelming. With our experience, and the many bathrooms we’ve completed, we can help guide you as you choose the grout you would like to use. Grout looks like the ‘cement’ that of your custom tile work. It’s the material that fits between the seams of your tiles. Some people want the grout to blend in completely with their tile work, and others want it to have a stark contrast. We can show you different grout styles in different tile designs to help you achieve the look you want for your bathroom in The Villages. 

Bathroom Tile Design

So, you’ve bought your retirement home in The Villages – you deserve a place to relax and retreat that gives you that peaceful easy feeling. All of the homes in The Villages were built using the same design plans, and the same basic tile choices. It’s easy to get away from that, and create a custom look that you can be proud of for many years to come. And one that will give you that relaxing spa atmosphere you’ve been dreaming of all those years!

Let Us Help You!

The Villages Bathroom Remodeling has years of experience in pairing bathroom tile and grout. Let us help you create the bathroom tile designs you’ve always longed for.  Looking at pictures online can be helpful, but it can also be overwhelming.  Let our guys talk to you and give you some guidance in narrowing down your choices. Once the material is chosen, we can find out how soon supplies can arrive and schedule our work. It’s that simple!  Give The Villages Bathroom Remodeling a call today – we can give you a free estimate on the work you want to do in your bathroom!