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Are you overwhelmed by the amount of design options in customizing your bathroom in The Villages? You are not alone. Let our experience guide you and simplify your life. We will match you with the best option for your needs.

Our prices are fair. We will design your bathroom together and find a smart solution. We pride ourselves in balancing our client’s budget with their wishes. You will get the bathroom update you are looking for!

If you are looking for the best custom bath contractors near The Villages FL, look no further than The Villages Bathroom Remodeling.

Custom Shower Contractors

If you are looking for the best custom shower contractors near The Villages FL, search no more. Are you tired of your shower stool slipping on the floor? This is the customization you have always wanted.

Your shower is the focal point of your bathroom. More and more homes are customizing their showers to their needs. They are easier to clean than a bathtub and they also take up less space.

We offer custom tile work for your custom shower installation with a variety of options to fit your budgetary needs. Or check out our ONYX collection of shower installs. Building in a seat to your shower is not only becoming more popular, but it creates for a safer showering experience. We also can install ADA shower rails for your convenience. ADA accessible shower pans allow for accessibility with their low profile entry. There is plenty of gripping surface to reduce the risk of slips and falls.  The Villages Bathroom Remodeling can customize your bathroom renovation in any way necessary.

Usually, no plumbing replacement is required. We have an array of options to give you flexibility in your shower including rainfall shower heads, versatile hand held spray heads and numerous standard shower head options. 

Create Your Personal Spa Experience!

Creating custom baths is our main staple. Bathrooms are one of the one areas that benefits the most from modern upgrades and will return the most value when it comes resale time. Modern bath designs benefit from extra square footage, but that is not a requirement.

A very popular upgrade is the multi-head shower. the multiple spray heads shower you with relaxing water during your personal spa experience. It is a great opportunity to unwind from the day.

Our clients are often interested in cosmetic changes as well. Bathroom tiling installation is a great upgrade. The Villages Bathroom Remodeling tilers take extra care to ensure no leaks in our custom tiling designs.

Another upgrade that our clients love are frameless shower doors. They are easier to maintain and clean. Shower curtains grow mildew and mold. The shower rod requires constant tension readjustments. Our expert glaziers will give you a much better shower experience.

Bathroom Floor Damage

Many older bathrooms suffer from excessive wear due to years of moisture and water damage. Floor joists need replacing due to rot. Plumbing under the floor deteriorates.

Our contractors can easily determine if your current bathroom is structurally sound. We ensure the sub floor is free from water damage. We inspect your plumbing.

We do everything within our reach to ensure your budget will stretch as far as possible.

Customer Satisfaction


Other than The Villages, we have served customers all over central Florida. Bellevue, Fruitland Park, Lady Lake, Leesburg, Oxford, Summerfield, Wildwood, and all around Ocala are areas we serve!

Let Us Customize Your Shower!

Our creativity will save you money and deliver the bathroom you always wanted. Our contractors will make swift work out of your custom bathroom remodeling. Call us now for a free estimate.